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Rashami Desai (Actress) Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Husband, Bio, Family & More

Rashmi Desai who is known by the name 'Tapasya Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore'. Rashmi Desai was famous for her upcoming Hindi serial 'Utran' in Colors channel. Her character in the serial was of the only girl from a rich family. In Uttaran, people gave a lot of love to the role of austerity and then came another serial of Rashmi. The upcoming serial 'Adhuri Kahani Hamari' in TV in which Rashmi's character was named 'Preeti'. The public had given love to Tapasya as much as to Preeti. Recently Rashmi Desai has participated in the upcoming reality show 'Bigg Boss' on Colors Channel. His popularity is much higher than the work done by Rashmi and hence people believe that Rashmi will reach the finale of Bigg Boss.

Rashami Desai Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Husband, Bio, Family

Early Life Rashmi Desai Biography

Rashmi Desai was born on February 13, 1986. Rashmi Desai hails from Gujarat. Rashmi Desai has done small roles in some low-budget films even before coming to television. Rashmi's first television serial was 'Utran' in Colors Channel, which started in December 2008. Roshni played the role of austerity Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore. Rashmi married Rashmi's first husband 'Veer Singh Bundela' i.e. 'Nandish Sandhu' on 12 February 2012 in the same serial. Rashmi's life after marriage could not be much more special, and within the next 2 years, Rashmi and Nandish had searched. By 2015, both had changed their paths.

Rashmi decided to quit due to the difficulties in her personal life and in 2015, Rashmi appeared in another serial, 'Adhuri Kahani Hamari', in which the character named Preeti was also liked by the audience. Apart from all this, Rashmi is a close friend of Hindi film superstar 'Salman Khan' and Rashmi did a little acting in one of the songs of her film too. The way Rashmi Desai has a lot of popularity in India, it now remains to be seen whether she is a husband by winning the title of Bigg Boss 13 or not

Bussiness Life of Rashmi Desai Biography

Rashmi Desai started her business life from a very young age. Rashmi's work did not get much success in the initial stages, but everyone started to know Rashmi from the serial that came in Colors. Rashmi Desai, whose performance in Hindi serial 'Utran', was well-received by the Indian public.

People have remembered the role of penance even today. In this serial, Nandish Sandhu, opposite Rashmi, appeared in the role of 'Veer Singh Bundela' and Tina Dutta in the role of 'Desire'. All three were identified with this serial. Rashmi acted in both good and bad roles in Utran.

Rashami Desai Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Husband, Bio, Family

In 2015, Rashmi Desai decided to once again work in the Hindi serial 'Adhuri Kahani Hamari' after removing the troubles of her personal life. Rashmi's character 'Preeti' was very much liked by the people in Adhuri Hamari Kahaani.

Rashmi Desai has also acted as host / anchor / comedian / on some more channels. Rashmi Desai also participated in shows like 'Pari Hoon Main', 'Comedy Circus', 'Maha Sangram', 'Crime Patrol', 'Big Money', 'Kitchen Champion - Season 2' and 'Comedy Ka Mahamukabala' . Rashmi had also participated in some famous dancing shows like 'Zara Nach Ke Dikha', 'Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa-5', 'Nach Baliye-7'. Rashmi had also told about her groping related to her personal life in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa-5 which is said to have been done by Rashmi to win the show and sympathize with the people. In 'Nach Baliye - 7' Rashmi and Nandish made their place in the finale, but they could not win the show.

Rashmi also participated in 'Fear Factor - Khatron Ke Khiladi' some time back. She was soon eliminated from the show, but then she returned to the show's wild card entry. Rashmi is a good friend of Salman Khan and hence Rashmi and Nandish were both in a song in Salman Khan's film Dabangg. The name of the song was 'Dagbaaz Re', in which Sonakshi Sinha was with Salman.

Rashmi Desai had worked in a few more serials, but the serial public did not like anything special. Rashmi had also worked in serials like 'Ishq Ka Rang Safed' and 'Dil Se Dil Tak', but due to lack of special public interest, these serials were soon discontinued. Rashmi had been asked for a long time to appear in 'Bigg Boss' but Rashmi was refusing every time. His fans are very happy to see Rashmi Desai in Bigg Boss 13.

Rashmi Desai's film career [Rashmi Desai Films]

Rashmi Desai worked in television as well as a number of small big films including Bhojpuri, Assamese, Gujarati and Bollywood films and also did B grade films.

Controversy related to Rashmi Desai's life [Controversy]

Rashami Desai Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Husband, Bio, Family

Rashmi Desai's affair with her own co-star Nandish always remained in the news headlines. After some time, he married his co-star and gave rumor names to the relationship and silenced everyone.

In 2015, news of tension between Rashmi and her husband also remained a topic of discussion, due to which both of them decided to separate and divorced from each other. In those days she remained in the discussion due to her husband's torture.

Apart from this, there were also allegations on Rashmi that she conspired to get sympathy from the audience by spreading the news of Scratch in the leg during the dance reality show.

Rashami Desai Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Husband, Bio, Family

Serial names done by Rashmi Desai

2006 - 2008, 'Mandodari' in Zee TV serial 'Raavan'.

2008, the role of 'Pari' in Star Van's show 'Pari Hoon Main'.

2008, 'Mona' character in Star Van's show 'Shhsh, Phir Koi Hai'.

2009 - 2014, 'Tapasya Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore' in Colors serial 'Utran'.

2015, Tulsi's character in Colors serial Ishq Ka Rang Safed.

2016, 'Preeti' character in & TV serial 'Adhuri Kahani Hamari'.

2017 - 2018, 'Shorvori Bhanushali' character in Colors serial 'Dil Se Dil Tak'.

Rashmi Desai's earnings [Salary]

She is known as an expensive television actress who used to charge 55 thousand rupees for an episode of Uttaran.

Rashmi Desai is a very good actress as well as a settled person. The acting skills of dancing together are excellent in them. Hope it will soon be seen in an important role on the big screen.

Rashmi Desai Big Boss 13

Rashmi is now going to appear in the new season of Bigg Boss. Rashmi says this is her new innings, and she is very excited about it. Rashmi has gone to Bigg Boss house earlier as a guest, now for the first time she is going as a contestant. His co-star with Rashmi, Siddharth Shukla is also appearing in Bigg Boss 13 this time. The audience is excited to see Rashmi and Siddharth together again. Now it will be interesting to see if their bonding will stay in Bigg Boss house like serial.

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