FULL NAMEAdam Joseph Scher
BORNSeptember 6, 1983
HEIGHT6 feet 8 inches


Adam Jose Skaar participated in many sports during his young days including football, wrestling and track, and field, but the United States gained considerable recognition, representing Strangman in competitions.

He was invited to the Arnold Strangman Classic in 2013, after winning the 2012 Arnold Amchur Strongman Championship.


After signing with WWE in 2013, he trained at the Performance Center for a long time, and in December of 2014, he defeated Chad Gable during a match at the NXT Live event in Jacksonville, Florida. He was earlier seen as Adam Rose's Rosebud. He never fought a match at NXT until two years after signing, as he worked continuously at the Performance Center in those days.

White family member

In 2015, he entered as a member of the Wyatt family under the name of Bron Strowman. He attacked Dean Ambrose and Roman Rance as he arrived. He battled against Kane, The Undertaker, and ECW Originals alongside Eric Rowan, Luke Harper, and Bray Wyatt, and teamed up with Brock Lassner at the 2016 Royal Rumble.

At WrestleMania 32 he fought The Rock together with Wyatt and Rowan. After this, he was going to fight against the United Nations but due to Wyatt's injury, the match could not be made in payback. His last story with the Wyatt Family came in July 2016 when he teamed up with Wyatt and Rowan to beat Big Bat, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods at the Battleground after a fight with New Day at the Wyatt Family Compound.

Singles competition in RAW

In 2016, the WWE brands Split, Wyatt, Harper, and Rowan became part of SmackDown while Strowman became a part of Raw and went on to fight as a solo contestant for the first time. He initially defeated local talent including James Ellsworth. He then had a fight with Sammy Jane, whom he could not beat in a 10-minute challenge match at Roadblock: End of the Line. He was one of the losers of Team Raw in Survivor Series 2016. In January 2017, he attacked Roman Rance when he was fighting for the Universal Title alongside Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble. This marked the beginning of one of the most powerful fides of 2017, in which these two racers fought three times, won twice, while losing once.

Strowman also batted with Big Show in 2017, during which both took part in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal during WrestleMania 33 which was won by Mojo Rowley. On the April 17 RAW episode, he was feuding with Big Show and a suplex at the time broke his ring.

Universal championship

In 2017, when he defeated Roman Rance in an ambulance match at the Great Balls of Fire, he ensured he would be the next champion. A month later at SummerSlam's Main Event, he teamed up with Roman Rance and Samoa Joe to challenge Brock Lassner for a Fatal Four-Way match that Brock Lassner won by pinning Roman Rance. Strowman did quite well during this match.

There was a fierce match between him and Brock Lassner at No Mercy but despite this, they could not win the match and the title.

They became a babyface in October 2017 when their teammates Sheamus, Cijero, Miz, and Kane threw them in the garbage truck as their team could not beat Shield and Kurt Angle in the TLC.

He was the last remaining Wrestler on Team Raw in Survivor Series 2017, and after that, he attacked Triple H. At the 2018 Royal Rumble, they had failed to win the Universal Championship in a Triple Threat match with Kane and Lassner and lost to contestant Roman Rance.

At WrestleMania 36, ​​Bron Strowman had a chance to fight against Goldberg instead of Roman Rance. It would not be wrong to say that Strowman took advantage of this opportunity and won the Universal Title for the first time by defeating Goldberg.


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