Gaurav was a very promising student since childhood as his home environment was very good, his father worked in a big post in the comptroller office at Ajmer University.
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Gaurav Chaudhary Biography (Technical Guruji)

Since childhood, Gaurav loved gadgets because from the very first class, he was learning computer-friendly language LOGO i.e. Gaurav was learning such language at an age when children are not able to write properly.
From that time onwards Gaurav's interest in computers started growing and as soon as he came in third class, he stubbornly asked for a computer from his father, and his father gave him a computer and said, son, here you will get only two things, one is OK and Second CANCLE, if you understand something then press OK and if you don't understand, then press CANCLE because doing this will never spoil the computer.
And keeping these things in mind of his father, Gaurav started working on the computer, and since then he started trying to learn something new on the computer by himself, and over time his gadgets His cravings for him also started growing, whether it was a calculator or a Sony Walkman
When anyone would see them working on the computer, those people were surprised because at such a young age Gaurav had increased his skills so much that he used to be at the top of his class in school.
Time passed and in 2006 he passed his 10th class exam with 83.6%, but after the end of his 10th class his family shifted to Bikaner as his father was promoted to the post of comptroller at Bikaner University as Examiner. Happened
By that time, his older brother had left Dubai and had married their sisters, that distinction no longer lived with his parents in Bikaner, and Ll The became his admission central school Bikaner in class
Technical Guruji Bio age, Bio, Net worth, Wiki,Girlfriend..

While he started studying with Science with CM and also started learning C ++ computer language, Gaurav was still having a fun life, but in January 2007 his father's car accident
Name -  Gaurav Chaudhary
Nickname -   Technical Guruji
Date of Birth -  7 May 1991
Place of Birth -  Ajmer, Rajasthan (India)
Workbench - Dubai Police Security Engineer, YouTuber
Education - M. Tech (BITS Pilani Campus Dubai)
Caste -   Hindu
Hobbies -  Traveling, YouTubing.
From which his father moved into a comma and the responsibility of the entire family fell on Gaurav 's shoulders, but it was Gaurav's self-power who handled the situation so well, despite such circumstances at home, he kept his 12th class 64% Passed by…
After he took an engineering degree, in 2012 he moved to Dubai with his mother and from there he started living his new life, but Gaurav wanted to study further, he now applied to BITS Pilani's Dubai Campus.
From where he got a chance to do masters in microelectronics due to his shift to Dubai, and taking advantage of this opportunity he published very good research papers in 2 years and also participated in international conferences, and pride in having good academy records. Became gold medalist there
But after finishing his master's degree, Gaurav had 2 paths, first MBA and second PHD, good research papers in masters and good records in academia, he also offered to do PHD from different universities.

Technical Guruji Controversy

While on one hand all the technical channels of India were growing slowly, on the other hand, Gaurav Chaudhary's channel "Technical Guruji" became India's fastest growing channel. Gaurav Chaudhary's success was not like his competitor. Due to this jealousy, many big cricketers critiqued Gaurav and an attempt was made to damage his good image.  Gaurav Chaudhary made a video to account for all these critiques. After this video, all the burning creators stopped speaking. If you want to see that accountability video, you can see it by clicking on the video below.

Technical Guruji's YouTube story

Technical Guruji Bio age, Bio, Net worth, Wiki,Girlfriend..

As you all know, Guruji loved gadgets so much that when he first got broadband in his house in 2007, he started watching YouTube on the internet, he liked this platform of YouTube so much that his internet bill was around 9000 that month. Money arrived
And till that bill used to be at home, he had used more internet than after that he decided in mind that now things have to be learned from internet, after that he got his broadband plan unlimited
Technical Guruji Biography: That is, now Guruji used to learn something from YouTube for hours because YouTube is a place where you can put your things in front of everyone, without any restriction, and around 2011-2012, they shared their friends Thinking of creating a YouTube channel with Aswani and Deepti
Where he wanted to make his videos in English but it was not easy to do so at that time because studies were also necessary, after finishing his master's degree, in July 2015, when Guruji came into his business, he was doing research on YouTube, watching a technical channel. Whose name was Sharma Ji Technical, Guruji was greatly inspired by this channel.
Because all the information related to the technology on this channel was in Hindi, which was quite nice to see Guruji, later he came to know about Praval Sharma who is the owner of Sharma Ji Technical Channel, who was a senior student while studying Guruji's B.Tech.

YouTube earnings

Technical Guruji Bio age, Bio, Net worth, Wiki,Girlfriend..

Gaurav earns 10 lakhs (estimated) every month from his YouTube channel. Apart from this, new companies give them lots of new gadgets to promote for free. Gaurav says that wherever knowledge comes from, it should be taken immediately because we can learn many things. His favorite hobby is walking and reading. His favorite actors are Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan.

Technical Guruji Facts

When Gaurav was younger, he often used to go to office with his father and often called his father's office Gaurav as Sahib's son, i.e. people knew him by his father's name.
Then Guruji, in his childhood, had thought that I will do such a thing that people will know my father in my name, so that today they have completed it.
If Guruji's father were with him today, he would be very proud of his son, in the same way, many people tried to target Guruji and to demolish his image, but this did not bring Guruji's credibility and even a heat, but those people themselves are bad Who tried to show Guruji down
So friends, if a person is moving between you, then do not get irritated with him, rather try to match or surpass him, because everyone has the skill, just need confidence.

Technical Guruji Awards
 Gaurav Chaudhary has received Silver play button and gold play button awards for his tecnical guruji YouTube channel. Silver play awards were awarded for completing one lakh subscribers and Gold play awards for completing one million subscribers.

As you know, 10 million subscribers have also been completed, for which they have received the Diamond play button award.

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