Harsh Beniwal is a YouTuber from Delhi, India. He was born on 13 February 1996 in Delhi, India. Harsh Beniwal completed his graduation from Sri Aurobindo College, New Delhi.
Harsh Beniwal Biography, Wiki,Age,Girlfriend
Harsh Beniwal

Harsh has his videos on dubsmash for fame which went viral in 2015 and provoked over 10k followers on his Instagram in just one night. 
Harsh then explained to his parents that he wanted to become a content producer and was fully supportive of his happiness. His one minute video on 'Fights' in various regions of India was earlier touching a million views and his YouTube channel now has over 5 million subscribers. The video of this amazing YouTuber has been viewed more than 41 million times and fans are bound to grow! Most of his material revolves around themes of college humor and day-to-day life, and he finds his videos all reliable and endearing.
Harsh was approached by the casting team of Student of the Year 2, but it was so unbelievable for him that he felt someone playing a prank, but after auditioning, the part was his! Imagine his excitement when he realized that this was not real, but he also cleared the audition and acquired the role.
The story of Harsh Beniwal is an exciting, but even more important one, from YouTube to films. If you do what you love to do, then success is sure and soon!

Harsh beniwal quick bio:

Harsh Beniwal Biography, Wiki,Age,Girlfriend
Harsh Beniwal

Harsh beniwal
13 February 1996
Peetampura, new Delhi
Maharaja agrsen public school Delhi
Arbindo college new Delhi
Youtuber, actor, comedian
B.C.A. dropout at arbindo college 
youtube channel
Harsh beniwal


So friendsthe story of Harsha becoming a star from a normal boy started from his college where he learned to dance and because of his excellent dance, he became very famous in his college and school but he pursued his acting dream. thought about and I've joined a theater in Delhi where he had little acting also learned that in future they're considerable |

Friendshappy ever wanted to do the job he always included his family members by his complete an actor wanted to support the | 

Harsh his acting as "front logo Media Social" to through thought of bringing many research them after the vines came the idea of making a video that's out that country than in the famous used 

Friends Harsh its first video 5. may 2015 to Instagram and on Facebook do fly more than the fun of them during his many friends on the page and several friends said what these sardine ding surplus up to here But the joy of creating not disappointed and videos |


Friendsnow Harsh started putting his videos on youtube in addition to Facebook and Instagram but did not get much response due to which he went to his mother disappointed and share to his mother and his mother also gave him his work added to this once happy by Refusing new idea conceived and created a new video "on the" who on YouTube viral went and did just then After the video, Harsh never looked ever behind and in no time she youtube star became Recently he has also stepped into Bollywood and Harsh is now different

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Comedy is his byte and he just likes to imitate comedians. Before that he only started with dub smash videos, unfortunately, he did not get much fame. But later when he came to know about video marketing, he started posting his videos on YouTube.

He always inspired himself to delve into some unique profession. Initially, he met many challenges but eventually established himself as a successful actor and entertainer. And guess what, he is now one of the most popular winners in India. Furthermore, his positive attitude towards life has helped him grow quickly with success.


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