Carryminati Real Name: Ajay Nagar, also known as Carryminati , was born on 12 August 1999 in Faridabad, Haryana. Apart from Carrie, her family includes Mummy Papa and an elder brother named Yash, a guitarist and electronic music producer. Is
CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar) Biography, Age, Birthday, Height, net worth, wiki...

Carrie's early education from Delhi Public School, Faridabad, since childhood, Carrie did not seem to read her mind and spent her hours playing games, so let's talk about Carryminati YouTube career.
The talk begins from 2010 when Carrie was 11 years old, her friend once told Carrie that brother listening to install Windows 2007 because he can play a lot in it, then what was Carrie listening to his friend, installing Windows 7 on his computer have done
Nothing else happened but Carrie liked the new features of Windows 7 and made her first video with it and uploaded her first YouTube channel to steal the fears
After uploading that video, Carrie felt that she had to do something on YouTube, now that Carrie would never make football on her channel or do some tutorials, which could have happened to an 11-year-old child.
But his views in this channel were very low, after all, people saw such videos as this way, there are many tutorials on YouTube and yes this channel is still running, you can see it.

Carry Minati Success Story 

Well Yeto was just a hobby, but gradually his passion of invincible started turning into passion, and he became serious for YouTube and at the age of 15, Ajay started a new gaming channel on October 30, 2014, named Addict A1. On which Carrie used to play Counter Stike and also commented on the gameplay, sometimes in the voice of Sunny Deol, sometimes in the voice of Hrithik Roshan.
That is, Carrie made over 150 videos within 2 years, but very few people in India liked to watch the gameplay at that time and all the 100-200 subscribers of Carrie used to watch videos for Carrie's fun gameplay 
CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar) Biography, Age, Birthday, Height, net worth, wiki...

So Ajay changed the name of his channel from Addict A1 to Carry Deol and now Carrie started roaming in the game by making her saree low quality video private.

Ajey Nagar Biography In Hindi : That is, now with the Carry gameplay, we started roasting small artists which was largely inspired by the American channel LEAFYISHERE because LEAFY also used to do gameplay with roasting and for the first time in India, someone tried to do it Of
This means that the content is now being liked by the people and the channel slowly started gaining momentum and started moving forward, then on 23 April 2016, Ajay named his channel CARRYMINATI.

Carry minati YouTube channel 

Earlier, his channel name was not carry minati. The fate of his life was revealed when he made a roast video on bb ki vines and after seeing it, more than 1 lakh views came and that video went viral.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, he uploaded the video for a month and started viral in the same month. As soon as the video went viral, he changed the name of the channel from Carry Deol to Carry minati

Carry minati's second Gaming channel 

CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar) Biography, Age, Birthday, Height, net worth, wiki...

Ajay Nagar also has another gaming channel run by him. On this channel, he uploads a video daily and earns money from super chats.
The name of this channel is Carry's Live they play live games on it

Carry minati age and song

Carry minati was born on 12 june 1999 in Faridabad Haryana and Carry minati is 21 years old.
Carry minati started making videos on YouTube since 2008 when she was only eight years old. Carry minati has sung many rap songs whose list is given below -
  • Disstrack bye pewdiepie
  • Trigger
  • Zindgi – Carryminati X Wily Frenzy
  • Yalgar 

Carry Minati Facts

To talk about roasting, it is very difficult to roast someone in India, because when the second one becomes angry, so those who think that Carrie has moved ahead of luck, she is wrong Carrie is ahead of her hard work and dedication Increased
Because Carrie has been experimenting in her videos for the last 5 years, she will also be surprised with the new concepts that Carrie gave the most money to help the families of the righties in the Pulwama attack, which everyone appreciated very much.


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