According to Social Blade, Amit Bhadana channel comes at 296 places in the world. Amit appears in his videos speaking very funny lines. Like "Your brother started the gym, wrap it as you wish", he always appears in his videos speaking Gujjari (Haryanvi) language. His style and acting are well-liked by the youth.

Amit Bhadana wiki, Biography, age, net worth, Girlfriend

Early Life of Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana was born on 7 September 1994 in Delhi. His father's name is to raise Narendra who lives in Yamuna Vihar. Amit Bhadana did his early education at Yamuna Vihar School. Amit loved to make people laugh since childhood.

His funny style was there from the beginning. He used to laugh at his friends and teachers by speaking his jokes and dialogues. He was very fast in childhood. Amit belongs to a middle-class Indian family.

He was scared that his parents would not like his YouTube videos. Amit Parhana's parents wanted him to focus on studies

Amit Bhadana (Career)

Amit Bhadana wiki, Biography, age, net worth, Girlfriend

Amit wanted to become a lawyer in early times, for this, he also completed his graduation in advocacy. But Amit's fate was somewhat different. Amit was fond of doing funny things since childhood, hence he often made funny dubbing videos of some scenes of films and uploaded them on social media. One such funny video of hers went viral on social media. If you want to see that viral video, then you can see it by clicking on the video below.

After this video went viral, Amit's friends suggested him to upload the video on Facebook page and YouTube. Amit also wanted to do something similar. On 24 October 2012, he created a channel named Amit Bhadana and started putting some funny videos and Vines on that channel.

For a long time, the growth on his channel was negligible. But he kept making videos continuously without giving up. Meanwhile, one of his videos went viral in May 2017 and since then Amit Bhadana's life changed completely. At present, Amit's YouTube channel has more than 8 million subscribers, which has been steadily increasing over time.

Amit Bhadana writes the script himself for his video. He is fully supported by his friends in shooting the video, and Amit is editing the video himself. The result of his hard work is that today Amit Bhadana is one of the biggest YouTube creators in India.

 Amit Bhadana Income

The monthly income of Amit Bhadana is estimated to be around 7-8 lakhs. The income of a YouTube is not fixed, their income varies from time to time.

Amit Bhadana's income is perfect according to his hard work. They have got success in today's time. What is the remaining money they are earning?

Amit Bhadana Dialogue

  1. तेरे भाई ने कर दी जिम सुरु
    जिसको चाहे उसको लपेट दु
  2. किसी का कोई जिकर नही है
    तेरे भाई को कोई फिकर नही है
  3. हसीना गोरी है
    घरन पे रखी पैसा की बोरी है
  4. 2018 ऐसा है साल
    जिसकी चाहे उसकी दु फाड़
  5. सफेद है कुर्ता जूता है संतरी
    आजा बनाऊ तुजे आज मंत्री
  6. तेरे भाई को देख कर मचल गयी
    खुशि खुशि में छत से फिसल गयीं
  7. माना सकल से है हरामी
    दो चार  है हममे खराबी
  8. घरन में बेशक ना मारे पेन्ट
    लेकिन गाड़ी पे ना लगने देते डेन्ट
  9. ये छोटा सा लाला
    यही तो है तेरे भाई का साला
  10. दिल मे गए हो छा, दो बच्चे करेगे सुरेश और महेश
    क्या बनना चाहोगी उनकी माँ

 Amit Bhadana First Video

Amit Bhadana had put his first video on Facebook, which was liked by millions. But many of them said that there is not much success in this field, they should concentrate on their advocacy.

Millions of people liked this video. Amit Bhadana by his witty nature has earned recognition across India today.

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